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Posts from ‘August, 2009’

Full Text of Interview by

I was interviewed recently by Romy Ribitzky from  I posted a link on this blog several days ago.  Given that the interview was considerably longer than the quotes used (understandably, charitably and without complaint), I thought I’d include the full scope of my thoughts — yes, for what they’re worth — here.
Romy Ribitzky:      Do [...]

Social Media “Dos and Donts” in the Workplace

It’s a topic that I see all-the-time in the real life legal world.  Will I discuss it all here and now?  Uh, no.  But I will post a link to an article in which I said — stuff (most of which I don’t remember saying, but it reads pretty well, and sounds somewhat accurate, so what [...]

Jailbirds and the DMCA

Breaking news: SoCal man busted on charges of “jail breaking” videogame consoles in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”). Not sure this really rises to the level of such extensive law enforcement, but according to Wired News, Homeland Security authorities arrested 27 year old Matthew Crippen this week on charges of having circumvented [...]

Pirate Update

Pirate update:  No, not the Somalis, the Dutch. 
According to a report in IP360 (and the Associated Press), a Dutch court has given Pirate Bay 10 days to walk the plank – errr, to shut down operations in the Netherlands.  And if they don’t?  There are sharks waiting for them in the churning sea below, to [...]

Facebook, High School Reunions, Patent Infringement and Cable TV

My high school reunion is coming up.  Thirty years.  No, I won’t make it.  I’ll be on vacation with my family.  Not that I’d intentionally avoid it; it just worked out that way.
I actually enjoyed the last reunion.  It was our 25th, and held at a classmate’s home.  This wasn’t like a backyard pool party [...]