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Posts from ‘October, 2009’

Who Owns Work Created by University Professors?

An issue came up recently that is worth discussing. The question posed is: Does a university professor own the copyright in the materials he or she creates in the scope of his or her professorial employment?
I would answer the question as “yes,” at least under the Copyright Act. Interestingly, many educators with whom I’ve spoken [...]

Twitter Jitters

Here is some information to pass on to clients or incorporate into your drafting of iron-clad agreements.
Turns out that an ever-increasing number of entertainment deals now include contract language that is expressly intended to curb the use of social media by the other contracting party. According to an article in today’s Hollywood Reporter, the goal [...]

More on Punternet — The Sex Worker Review Site that Just Keeps Giving

A bit of a further update on this: 
Many of you know Eric Goldman, and if you don’t, you should.  He is an Associate Professor at Santa Clara University School and Director of the High Tech Law Institute there — he is also, for my money, one of the foremost U.S. authorities on issues involving Cyberlaw.   (His blog [...]

Two New Copyright Rulings: Precious Pooh

Two new rulings from the last few days are worth mentioning:
– The first involves the right to distribute the new movie “Precious,” which had led to a legal squabble between producer Harvey Weinstein (and his company, the Weinstein Co.) and Lionsgate Films. In a nutshell, following the film’s screening at the Sundance Film Festival in [...]

Update: Punternet Responds to Call for Termination

After the British Minister for Women and Equality called on California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to terminate the Punternet website (in case you missed the earlier post, that’s the consumer review site of sex workers that — while purportedly located in California — features women working in the UK), Puternet has responded. A link to that [...]

Britain asks Schwarzenegger to Close Prostitute Web Site — But Can he Do That?


Britain asks Schwarzenegger to Close Prostitute Web Site — But Can he Do That?
A. Funny What You Come Across When Reading the News
In a recent article entitled “Britain Asks Schwarzenegger to Close Prostitute Web Site,” Reuters reported that Harriet Harman, the British government minister for women and equality (no caps in the original article, so [...]