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Posts from ‘December, 2009’

More Patents!

More Rampant Creativity –
If necessity is the mother of invention, maybe this mom should’ve considered birth control. Still, you’ve got to admire the inventors’ entrepreneurial spirit. After all, who wouldn’t have expected these ideas to make them a mint?
The final list for the fin de 2009:
Pat. No. 7,427,577 — Hair Sensor
Pat. No. D598,529 — Manual [...]

Comcast Calls it Quits . . . in a Settlement Sense

Comcast Settles Lawsuit
You may recall that, quite some time ago, Comcast was accused of delaying the transfer of certain movie and music files. My recollection is that Comcast originally denied having done anything of the sort, but later admitted that it had, arguing that doing so was necessary to prevent those who download large files [...]

Seaway Provides a Sea Change

Thanks to Ed J. Hejlek, Ben Sodey and Dave Roodman, each an esteemed member of Bryan Cave’s Intellectual Property Group, for the following:
International Seaway Trading Corp. v. Walgreens Corp. – – Federal Circuit concludes that the “ordinary observer” test is the sole test for assessing anticipation of design patents.
In International Seaway Trading Corp. v. Walgreens [...]

Ka-Pow! No Infringement for Adventure Novelists

Ka-Pow! The District Court in Hawaii ruled recently that the adventure novel Treasure of Khan by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler (the nineteenth Cussler yarn to feature the character Dirk Pitt) does not infringe plaintiff’s novel, Gold of Khan, about Marco Polo’s lost treasure. (Doody v. Penguin Group (USA) Inc., D. Haw., No. 08-cv-00285-JMS-BMK, 11/23/09.) [...]

Google et Les Françaises — Hardly a French Kiss

Google et Les Françaises . . . So let’s see, the Can-Can began-gan in Paris. But now, Google has come to find that Can’t-Can’t has originated there as well.
A Paris court has ordered Google to cease its scanning and subsequent distributing of French books online. The court awarded the plaintiffs roughly $400,000 (US) in damages, and [...]

May the Force be With Him

Some months ago I wrote about a case I was handling involving an Italian company accused of infringing a U.S. copyright.
The infringement alleged against my client occurred in Italy. According, my defense was that the U.S. courts had no jurisdiction over the claim because — well, see earlier post (“An Italian Fling”) for that [...]

And People Wonder Why Most Patents Don’t Make Any Money

As we close out the year, it’s fun to take a look back. In the world of intellectual property, that always makes for some quality amusement. Let’s look, for example, at just a few of the patents that issued this year:
 Pat. No. 7,533,832 — Leg-mounted scent dispenser
Pat. No. D589070 — Bacon comb
Pat. No. 7,537,453 — [...]