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And People Wonder Why Most Patents Don’t Make Any Money

As we close out the year, it’s fun to take a look back. In the world of intellectual property, that always makes for some quality amusement. Let’s look, for example, at just a few of the patents that issued this year:

 Pat. No. 7,533,832 — Leg-mounted scent dispenser

Pat. No. D589070 — Bacon comb

Pat. No. 7,537,453 — Life-sized furniture kit

Pat. No. 7,497,606 — Functional shoe

Pat. No. D585,182 — Removable underwear

Pat. No. D596,839 Striped socks

Pat. No. 7,594,814 — Prayer-reminder device

Pat. No. 7,510,225 — Combined manure fork and fan-type shavings blower

Pat. No. D593,731 — Visor with hair

Pat. No. D589,252 — Combined towel and handbag

Pat. No. 7,607,664 — Marriage and divorce game

Pat. No. D596,237 — Human-shaped toilet stationery organizer

Pat. No. 7,594,878 — Whole-body vibrator

Pat. No. 7,591,811 — Diaper with legs

Pat. No. 7,494,681 — Food products comprising fat and salt

And last (but certainly not least) Pat. No. 7,597,727 — Method for starting a fire.

Now for 2010? Let the infringement suits begin!


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