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Comcast Calls it Quits . . . in a Settlement Sense

Comcast Settles Lawsuit

You may recall that, quite some time ago, Comcast was accused of delaying the transfer of certain movie and music files. My recollection is that Comcast originally denied having done anything of the sort, but later admitted that it had, arguing that doing so was necessary to prevent those who download large files through file-sharing programs would not impede Comcast’s service to its other customers. (What is this dizziness I feel, as if things are spinning?)

Like so many differences of opinion, this disagreement resulted in a lawsuit (brought by a class which, despite my mother’s apparent belief to the contrary, is not all that easy to accomplish). And now, like so many lawsuits, it has resulted in a settlement, with the defendant admitting no wrong. That’s no wrong to the tune of $16 million (of which the named plaintiff will likely get a mere slice of a of a fraction of a sliver, if this is anything like other class actions).

Comcast, as you may know, is the nation’s largest ISP. It issued a statement that it had settled because it simply wanted “to put this matter behind us”. (Whoa, I’m feeling that spinning again!). I suppose the plaintiffs felt the same way, because this case is now closed.

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