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More on Punternet — The Sex Worker Review Site that Just Keeps Giving

A bit of a further update on this: 

Many of you know Eric Goldman, and if you don’t, you should.  He is an Associate Professor at Santa Clara University School and Director of the High Tech Law Institute there — he is also, for my money, one of the foremost U.S. authorities on issues involving Cyberlaw.   (His blog can be found at and is well worth following.)

In any event, with respect to my comments regarding Punternet’s response to recent calls (from the British government) for its demise, Eric wrote: “I looked at the Punternet site this weekend. On it, the operator makes clear that he is a Brit residing in CA.”

Interesting, but what I really wanted to know was, so what’s the site like (I’m not visiting it, thanks; even if I could under the guise of work related activity — hey, I co-lead the Internet and New Media team here at Bryan Cave — but who wants to explain those red flags to my esteemed colleagues?).  To which Eric responded:

“I was surprised at how internally credible it looked. The reviews were surprisingly thoughtful and detailed. It was a well run product review site for a class of services that normally don’t elicit intelligent commentary.”

This from the man who used to be GC of Epinions (and who knows a decent review site when he sees it).  So, yes, I’m tempted to look.  Maybe from home.  If I can explain it to my wife.


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