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More Patents!

More Rampant Creativity –

If necessity is the mother of invention, maybe this mom should’ve considered birth control. Still, you’ve got to admire the inventors’ entrepreneurial spirit. After all, who wouldn’t have expected these ideas to make them a mint?

The final list for the fin de 2009:

Pat. No. 7,427,577 — Hair Sensor

Pat. No. D598,529 — Manual Odor Remover

Pat. No. 7,594,511 — Device and Method for Preventing Unwanted Oral Activity

Pat. No. 7,503,130 — Water-Draining Shoe

Pat. No. 7,581,262 — Panties with Skin-Whitening Effect

Pat. No. 7,506,471 — Mouse Trap

Pat. No. D590,688 — Combined Letter Opener, Screen Cleaner and Pen Cap

Pat. No. D584,479 — Wearable Seating Cushion

Pat. No. D598,626 — Edible Beverage Container

Pat. No. 7,523,360 — Abnormality Alarm Device and Abnormality Alarm Method

And the last on the list for 2009 . . .

Pat. No. 7,601,407 — the Inflatable Christmas Tree.

Happy 2010!

Jonathan Pink heads the Internet and New Media Team at Bryan Cave, LLP. His practice focuses on intellectual property and business litigation matters, including claims for trademark, copyright and patent infringement. He is resident in the firm’s Irvine (Orange County) and Los Angeles offices.

Jonathan Pink is a business lawyer with a specialty in copyright, patent and trademark litigation. His clients include many of the biggest names in the automotive and motorcycle aftermarket parts industries, and one of world's largest media companies. He has extensive experience in a wide range of intellectual property and commercial disputes including breach of contract, fraud, and the misappropriation of trade secrets. He can be reached at 949.223.7173, or at, and his full profile can be viewed at

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